Abhishek kapoor dating

Karisma and Raveena became arch rivals during that time, because of Ajay but Ajay dumped both of them for Kajol whom he ended up marrying.Karisma was also linked to David Dhawan for a short span as she was doing many of his films, but there was no truth to this story.

She always maintained that Ajay was just a good friend, but rumour mill was abuzz with their affair.Her first prominent relationship was with her co-star, Ajay Devgn.Apparently, during the shooting of their films, they became very good friends and came close.Her family, despite being the first family of Bollywood, was unsupportive towards her career.It’s a firm belief of the Kapoor family that girls should not be a part of the movie industry, especially as actresses that is why no Kapoor daughter apart from Karisma and Kareena chose acting as a career.

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