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These merchants share an account within a large merchant portfolio until they are mature enough or have enough credit card processing history to obtain their own merchant account number.Merchant discount rates are favorable within this portfolio because the account is protected from chargebacks and high credit card processing volume within the merchant portfolio.Online dating is the latest passion of men and women of present generation, who are looking for private adult and teen chat rooms. Apart from helping people from different parts of the world freely communicate and develop romantic relationship, these sites offer their members a wide range of other advantages, as privacy of communication, opportunity to send flowers and presents etc. If you are an online dating site owner, you must be able to accept plastic card payments from your customers.In order to process online payments it is necessary opening online dating merchant accounts.Simple because banks consider the dating industry as high risk, this should never act as an impediment towards your success.There are several banks that gladly take on high risk merchants, particularly online dating merchants, all over the world.However, these banks will only process with processors that have had long-standing relationships that have produced a significant amount of trust.

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This is reflected in our company mission and company vision.

Allied Wallet has created a global payment solution that protects dating site owners and allows them to accept payments at low rates starting at just 1%.

With a 98% approval rate on merchant applications, Allied Wallet can get you up and running today. Allied Wallet is known as a payment solution provider for hundreds of dating websites that have already put their trust in the brand.

Send us your declined transactions to accept payment methods with Allied Wallet that your primary payment processor cannot process.

Many companies have integrated Allied Wallet as an alternative payment option and have been able to save an average of 12% of their total sales, recovering 68% of their previously declined transactions.

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