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It provides a process for exploration of personal values, discernment of character traits of others, and practice of informed decision making.

Discovery Dating details steps which enable the student to predict repercussions of certain choices and the benefits of true partnership based upon discernment of facts and information.

It is important that young people be given information that will help them make good decisions, and are shown positive relationship models that will demonstrate alternatives to the negative examples they frequently see in the world around them.

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Detailed instructions for implementing 14 weekly sessions in a classroom are available; however, the lessons may be adjusted or combined to suit varying schedules.

Expect Respect is built on an ecological, trauma-informed model and offers a comprehensive prevention program for youth in middle and high schools.

Serving Austin schools since 1988, Expect Respect provides school based support groups and counseling, youth leadership activities, and educational programs in schools and community settings.

Throughout the school year, weekly meetings are held to extend the camp experience, provide peer support and help youth leaders carry out their projects.

Coaching Boys into Men is a coaches' leadership program that partners with athletic coaches to help young male athletes practice respect towards themselves and others.

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