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Under Ohio law, an individual with a disability can rightfully use a service animal in their home or apartment, even when pets are forbidden by the landlord or another housing provider.

The Ohio Administrative Code § 4112-5-02, which defines an animal assistant, in fact, does not restrict protections only to dogs as animal assistants.

A service animal, under both federal and Ohio law, is not a pet, but a working animal.

The ADA defines a service animal as a dog that is trained to perform tasks or do work to support a person with a disability, which includes a physical, psychiatric, intellectual, sensory, or another mental disability.

It describes an animal assistant to include any animal that aids an individual with a disability.

This could include a dog that alerts a hearing impaired individual to sound, a dog that guides a visually impaired individual, or a monkey that retrieves or collect objects for a mobility impaired individual.

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