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Give church another chance - finding the right one could make all the difference.

A larger one will most likely have book clubs, social groups, singles activities.

Maybe you need to find reasons to shop at the local hardware store.

My doctor's nurse asked me what I was doing since I retired and my answer was a lot of shopping.

the great abraham lincoln said men use the same words but by using them mean very different things. it has been said that beauty and youth are very exchangable commodities. perhaps they should be looking for these qualities perhaps they dont know why they are not attracted to these qualities but they are certainly in a position not to have to take the bait and instead, wait. people in their 60's or late 50's going to dances non stop looking for movie stars (young movie stars) which they never find or if they do they dont take the bait. when they were 20 they were more interested in finding. 59 and a retired professional stephen s san diego I don't know where you are from originally, but "shag" is a popular dance in the Carolina area.

certainly the expectations of women and men have changed a lot. for many getting dressed up just looking is more fun. Although the word has a different meaning in the United Kingdom which may not be impotant, but baby boomers as well as some older and younger locals join shag clubs..

My mom moved here from Boise and is missing her old "Cheers type" of hangout. Our menu has a wide appeal with a very definite spotlight on beef.

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David Chadwick is their minister and he is a riviting speaker. it is a strange perception shared by many of my older friends.

we were born in one country as it were and find ourselves living in a very different one.

we never moved its just every thing around us changed. just because something is valuable to most does not mean that the potentional partner standing in front of you is looking for these qualities.

It seems, gauging from the posts I've read, that the soical and dating scene is deplorable for younger folks. No different from South Alabama, where I lived before here, but still there seems to be an equal scarcity of available dating material or social opportunities.

I am a professional mental health counselor, so I know not to be judgemental or blame the geographical location.

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