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New York and Los Angeles have long been the hubs of American comedy, with Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and a handful of other major American cities acting as regional beacons for hopeful stand-ups.But we wanted to know, because no one ever seems to ask: Who's hilarious in Hawaii, funny in Florida, killing in Kentucky, and slaying in South Dakota right now?During one of his stand-up performances at Philadelphia's Helium Comedy Club, Brandon Jackson tells the crowd he's from Delaware and interrupts them when they start to applaud. It's a small moment, but it's reflective of the performer's low-key, self-deprecating approach to comedy.A University of Delaware graduate originally from Wilmington, Jackson has worked at a youth prison and as a teacher, two experiences he incorporates into his material onstage.Unfortunately, we can only choose one worthy candidate from among this throng of hopeful stand-ups, and Marcella Arguello is more than worthy.She refuses to back away from what might generically be called "controversial" topics, but what we'll say are "regular, everyday subjects that affect all people" -- race, gender, sexuality, and so much more.Now Jonathan Gregory does not design his comedy to make audiences feel comfortable; he's more interested in hitting them in the mouth.Figuratively, that is -- though he could also do it literally, thanks to the three Arizona state boxing championships he's won.

And in any case, taking his comedy career to the next level would mean less time in Alaska, and it's not worth it to Glenner.

"I had made a new friend who was a comic and I would always ask him about it," she says.

"He basically ended up telling me my level of interest was not normal and urged me to try it." Connecticut is better off for it: Amongst the clean comedian's other topics, you'll hear thoughts on men in business suits riding bikes and black pepper as contraband.

She has a lot of balls in the air, and looks poised for a breakout.

Choice isn't hard to come by in California, the nation's most populous state, and it's positively littered with comedians looking to become the next big name to have performed a set at the Comedy Store.

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