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What we see in the Bible is that God calls some people to be single so they can serve Him with the extra freedom this brings, and He calls others to be married and serve Him.Whether you are single or get married He wants you to find your fulfilment in knowing Him – that you have a Heavenly Father that is with you, cares for you and loves you.A relationship is not just meant to be for a laugh, for a bit of fun for now – you are meant to enter a relationship with the long term view.Before you begin the relationship you need to ask yourself is this someone I could marry?It is for these reasons and for the sake of any children that you might have together, that the Bible says that a Christian should only choose to marry a follower of Jesus of the opposite sex to you (see homosexuality advice).“Going out” and “dating” are meant to be marriage preparation, so God only wants you to date someone who is also a follower of Jesus.

Choosing to live with, and bring up children with, someone that thinks very differently about God to you is only going to cause increased difficulties, pain and heartache further down the line.Choosing to date an unbeliever when you know that God says you shouldn’t, is a serious thing because you are placing your desire to love and want this person above your desire to follow God.God needs to have first place in your life and you need to truly trust Him with your future.Relationships are not about just trying to get what you want or feel you need, they are about giving…about finding someone to commit to and give to for life.

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