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But as state it's still reading its value from the raw input "Buenos Aires", you won't get it resetted until you also clear this input.Hi guys, I'm very new to Wicket, and I came across this: What I want to do: - I have a Drop Down Choice component and I'd like to update it's model when it changes through AJAX.For example, a Date Time Field must respond if we change something inside its text field or if we change hours or minutes through its internal text fields, or AM/PM through its internal drop down choice.To access internal components from a wicket component we can use a get method with the markup-id as parameter if no methods are offered by that class.The guide is available as PDF or html file for the following versions: Each release of Wicket comes with sources, including Java Docs.When you use Maven for dependency management, your IDE will automatically download the source JARs and when you hover on a Wicket class or method, show you the corresponding documentation.These model updates and/or ajax functionality cause a lot of problems for Wicket Tester in our experience.I think that you just need to make your tests more static, e.g.

We have done our best to document all the changes and provide migration paths between the different Wicket versions.

I don't think it's a bug at all, but imo it would be reasonable to clear out the input if the explicit intention of changing the formcomponent value (through the model object in this case) is there.

Anyway, maybe this is not related to Julian S' problem. Regards, Carlos On 9/7/07, Igor Vaynberg That's because of Jualian S' use case.

I have 3 Drop Down Choices (and some other fields) on a form.

The first Drop Down Choice resets the selections in the other Drop Down Choices using Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior("onchange"). This all works fine until the form is submitted and validation fails.

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