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If you'd prefer not to read the abstract, a summary in one sentence: I'm looking at the life and works of the German Symbolist poet Stefan George, focusing on the apparent disconnect between his politics (nationalism), his poetics (decadent aestheticism, symbolism) and his personal qualities (homosexuality), and attempting to resolve some of the seeming contradictions between those attitudes.The other major aspect of my academic life at present is my teaching, about which you can find more information on my teaching materials page.You might see her do it with friends – shouting and waving her hands, in a group of 9 people who are all talking simultaneously. If you should somehow become the target of this conversational shouting – and you will, if the relationship lasts longer than a few hours – the best thing to do is just breathe. It might not even be an argument – at least by her definition. Was she just waiting for the interview to be over so she could go back to dating guys with dark hair and the ability to get a tan? (It’s got a few stories about dating Spanish girls as well!

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Surely not all Spanish women are like the four or five Marias that I’ve dated. And one further disclaimer: if you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s my civic duty as a foreigner never to say anything negative about Spain or Spanish people, you probably won’t like this article.If you’ve dated dozens and dozens of , please leave me a comment and tell me where I’m wrong. But you’ll definitely like 32 reasons why I love Spain.So without further ado, here are 7 things you should know before dating a Spanish girl. Be forewarned: if you get into a serious relationship with a Spanish girl, you can say goodbye to other summer plans… My friend Nina over at Nina’s Sweet Adventures has written an article about dating Spanish men. Because actually, dating Spanish can be quite complicated – ask me how I know.

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