Albanian men dating english women

In a family situation, business talk should be short; it is not relevant to discuss this subject in a family situation.

You are welcome to speak about the beauty of nature, gardening, books, movies, music, artists, foods, your known professional and historical people, and about the persistence of your preferred people to succeed.

The reason for this is that the Albanian morale is based on family values where both the parents and children care for each other.

No Albanian will tell you that he/she has had a short or long history of dating; in particular for the female, this would be a harmful shame.

Singing, dancing and drinking following a shared meal are common and often involve all ages.

For the most part, it is culturally appropriate and socially acceptable to express strong emotions when amongst familiar people.

Greeting and saying goodbye can both be done with a kiss on the right cheek between women and between women and men.

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Public displays of affection are rare, though younger generations are the ones most likely to challenge the norm.

This may make it uncomfortable to discuss subjects concerning federal and Balkan politics, including relations with bordering states.

Concerning issues of wealth and development, Albanians are conscious of their economic poverty in relation to the rest of Europe.

An individual or solution that is deemed to have come from a country with greater development issues is vulnerable to being rejected out of hand.

When speaking to someone, the acceptable distance is similar to a North-American distance, and avoid touching someone when speaking to him/her. Your voice should be clear, normal in tone, and directed to the listener.

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