Alyson michalka dating

She asks Liv to help her put together her cross-examination, "like old times", and Liv agrees.

In Astroburger, Peyton and Ravi have their first date which is crashed by Liv and Major.

When Liv returns from an outing, Peyton shows her a video of Major and an unknown woman kissing at a party.

Since Liv is experiencing sociopathic tendencies due to ingesting the brain matter of a sociopath, she doesn't react the way Peyton expects, impressing, but concerning her.

Later in the episode, when Liv is experiencing Javier's traits, she asks Peyton about an ugly piece of art on the wall.

Peyton reveals a bit about who they were before Liv was turned, mentioning that they used the Louvre as a place of exercise because it was raining outside and they wanted to get in some cardio. In The Exterminator, Peyton is revealed to be an ADA (Assistant District Attorney) working on a breakthrough case.

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