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As I approached the bathrooms I spied another camper heading to the bathrooms as well. “I thought you said the bathroom wasn’t good for that? Then this beauty stood up from resting on the bar and stood inches from me. After my finger slide finished, she opened her eyes and led me by the hand in to the men’s room. I felt her hands on my shoulders as I slowly kissed my way down. She then pushed me around so that I was leaning against the counter.

It was an attractive young lady that I recognized from the pool earlier. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said, “Not good for doing it myself, but exciting if you have someone to help.” She then took my right hand in hers and moved it to the bottom of her shirt. As we rounded the short wall she stopped in front of the sink and counters and turned around. She only stood about 5’4 and I doubt if she weighed more than 115 pounds. She moved closer and I could feel her nipples on my skin. A gasp escaped from her lips as I took one of her nipples in to my mouth. I watched dumbfounded as she looked up at me and slowly licked along my shaft.

Each evening I pretty much spent sleeping by myself.

After 4 days I started to feel a little yearning in my loins.

With that, she retired in to the tent and commenced ready a story to the kids.

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I can say I was really feeling a 3 week backup in my balls.

Our first week came to an end as we packed up the campsite and headed to a new location. The tent sites had a central bathroom about 50 yards away from any of the campsites.

This time it only took us 6 hours to drive there and get the site setup. Once again we commenced our routine of running around to see the sites during the day and playing in the pool and playground in the evenings.

It was mostly due to a lack of alone I had experienced lately.

Normally at home I would masturbate about 4 times a week.

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