Anxiety about dating again

Anyone who has anxiety can agree on one thing: It's a bitch.Having panic attacks or living in constant fear isn't exactly fun, but those of us with anxiety know that we're not the only ones who suffer because of it — our family, friends, and significant others are also affected by the mess happening inside our heads.Both patients have tried therapy, and despite learning and practicing the necessary ‘social skills’ in the therapy sessions, when they were faced with the real situations, the same physiological response was triggered.They were referred for evaluation for possible medication treatments, and they looked to that as the last resort.Typically, the duration of treatment can be up to 6 months, during which time my patients are encouraged to continue individual therapy and the exposure to the social situations that were anticipated as anxiety provoking.Luckily, with both Carlos and David- the medication worked well once we found the right ones that addressed the symptoms without causing side effects.All of a sudden, his mind would run a series of reasons for which he would not be a good candidate for the woman in question.He began to doubt his appearance, his intellect, his ability to offer anything of value, and would eventually talk himself out of approaching her.

*Carlos, at 28 years old, described the reaction he had when facing women as an overwhelming wave of heat, associated with increased heart rate, which would make his mind go blank.

Although all of my little tricks have helped in their own way, I still get the occasional panic attack, and I am pretty much in a constant state of worry over something.

To be honest (and, yes, a bit corny), what has helped me more than any therapy session is the support of the people I love.

*David, at 35 years old, described his experience with women differently.

He would spot an interesting woman in the room, but also potential other men contenders.

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