Ask men dating older women example of absolute dating geology

One thing I like about some of the older women I've known is that they've already been through some tough times, craziness etc...

and in general have matured some from it and calmed down.

Younger girls are super attractive but often lack the understanding of how life really is.

I prefer an independent girlfriend who is intelligent and does not need my support.

They have more life experience, they are a bit more motherly. They know what they want, they have a career, they are straight forward.

I am 28 but I would not mind dating a women between 35 and 38.

We have chosen not to have children, but we have 2 pets and a beautiful condo.

It's a peaceful, happy life in a committed relationship, and I think an age difference can work as long as the two people are in the same emotional place and looking for the same level of commitment out of the relationship.

The big one (kids) is not an issue because we both have one from previous marriage and don't want any more.

I am a succesfull business person but I had girlfriends more intelligent and more succesfull than me and that is fine.

I will never understand men that have a problem with independent women.psssshhh I dated a woman 17 years older than me. Though the reactions we both got was a little different.

For me, almost everyone was supportive, either just not making a big deal of the age in general, or congratulating me on cougar hunting (I found that insulting though, because I really liked her, and they were kind of taking the relationship lightly).

Only one friend was disapproving, and he just knew I wanted kids so he didn't think it should last for that reason. We'd be out doing fun things (I'm a young at heart wild and carefree guy) and she'd get some looks since in some places she was older than the typical crowd. The biggest issue was when we'd sext and she would use words like 'scrotum'. Being like 5 years older than her daughter wasn't particularly easy, either.

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