Backdating unemployment

If you had a valid reason, we will approve your request and give you a hearing date.Otherwise, we will deny your request for the appeal, and you will have the right to appeal the denial.The first thing you have to do is register with MDES Online Services.Whether you want to file a claim to receive weekly unemployment benefits or to search for a new job, you must register first.In Indiana (and throughout the country), unemployment benefits are meant to provide you with a temporary stream of income that helps you with daily living expenses until you are able to find a new job.These funds come from a tax that employers must pay — called unemployment taxes — that are collected by the state and paid out to workers who have lost their job.However, we share some information with government agencies and their contractors for the administration and enforcement of laws, including verifying eligibility for public assistance, supporting law enforcement activities, and other purposes permitted by law.

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Employees do not pay unemployment taxes and employers cannot deduct unemployment taxes from employees' paychecks.

UI benefits provide a temporary partial wage replacement to workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own.

If you have become unemployed or had your hours greatly reduced, complete the Application Process – we will determine whether or not you are eligible and notify you.

GET INFO There are many types of unemployment benefits claims you can file, depending on your particular situation: regular claims, interstate claims, combined wage claims, federal civilian claims and federal military claims.

Everything you need to know about each is here in one convenient location, along with additional programs that may benefit you.

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