Being too picky in dating

You may be pushing away your good and bad emotions, ignoring your fear, and making room for logic — especially when you're making decisions like whether or not you want to go on a second date, or swipe left or right.about this fear of making the wrong decisions.She says sometimes worries and nerves are a matter of trusting yourself, being ready for what a committed relationship needs and calls for, or not wanting to relive negative experiences."Some of the most common fears are getting hurt or putting up with mistreatment for longer than you want to admit to yourself," Wish says.Winter adds millennials are facing a time period in dating that's truly, well, difficult: "It's never been harder to get to partnership." Labels, drama, and complicated emotions can get in the way of finding that true and continuously sought-after love.However, since the dating scene is so different in 2019, millennials have the opportunity to design romance and decide what a relationship looks like to them."The wonderful part of breaking new ground is that there is a greater opportunity to expand into the true authenticity of your own romantic design," Winter says."No longer being tethered to a cardboard cutout, one-size-fits-all model of the ideal mate enables modern daters to find real meaning in their love alliances."Winter suggests the modern dating world gives you — whether you're typically picky or not — room to explore and find what you're looking for.

"Allowing yourself to be the complete expression of whomever you are and whatever you're becoming, allows for a clearer ideal of your 'best romantic match,'" Winter says.

"They always make decisions from a place of love but with a strong dash of boundaries."On the contrary, Rhodes defines a "picky" person as someone who is typically worried "they will make the wrong decision." She explains that, when picky people make decisions, their ego is actually the one at work.

It's trying to judge characteristics like height, financial status, and education.

"One of the most confounding experiences you hope never again to repeat is feeling fooled."According to Wish, especially if someone hasn't had much success in their previous relationships or effectively spotted those warning signs before, they may want or to take extra time when searching for their perfect match.

In that case, she says, "It can be wise to be picky." You're able to get better at assessing people, "gain some valuable maturity time for your brain," and even focus on your personal goals and career path.

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