Benefits of dating a dancer

As your dance technique improves and you feel more at ease with other people, your sense of accomplishment, motivation and confidence will continue to increase. you will notice these new attributes taking root in other areas of your life as well.Dancing comes naturally to people, and it’s an easy activity for anyone to partake in.Ballroom dance can even help sharpen your intellectual and mental abilities.A New England Journal of Medicine report looked at adults for 21 years, and found that dance was one of the only activities that improved both cardiovascular fitness and reduced the risk of cognitive impairments like dementia.Yoga and ballet stretches can be very helpful as pre-ballroom dance warm-ups, but be sure to talk with your Fred Astaire Dance Studios instructor about a recommended warm-up regimen. Ballroom dancing contributes to the build-up of muscle strength because the act of dancing forces a dancer’s muscles to resist against their own body weight.The use of quick steps, lifts, twists and turns, will help you develop more muscle strength in your arms, legs and core as your lessons continue.Endurance (in this context) is the capability of your muscles to work harder and longer without succumbing to fatigue.

They also saw marked improvement in mental health and patients reported being happier than those who did not participate in dancing.And the added benefit is that you’ll look and feel strong, toned and sexy Great for All Ages.Ballroom dance is a fun activity for everyone – from children to senior citizens, which is another reason it’s such an effective form of exercise.With all these reasons to start dancing – we challenge you to find a good reason NOT to. Ballroom dancing is a low-impact aerobic activity that burns fat and can boost your metabolism.In just thirty minutes of dance, you can burn between 200-400 calories – that’s roughly the same amount as running or cycling!

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