Big red flags dating

Does your friend follow through on commitments and plans?

Does he lack the initiative to find and hold a job? When a person’s emotional state rides like a roller coaster, there may be biochemical issues involved which may need to be evaluated by a doctor or psychiatrist.

- Then they aren't interested in you, just their own self-validation.

My ex did this, and I wish I'd have heeded the redness of that flag cause he turned out to be a total narcissist.

How much of your friend’s life revolves around himself?

When I started to get burnt out, because talking to her was all i did, and asked for space she flipped.

I’m talking primarily about frozen anger — resentment.

When we hold on to anger and don’t address it, bad things often happen.

Has she gotten into debt because of impulse spending? If that’s the case, what changes will proper medication produce?

How likely is the person to stay on the medication over time?

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