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However, the considerable number of clay cuneiform tablets became partially baked.

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People want to know what's going on and what's taking place in occurrences that are taking place. It will penetrate everything, everywhere, every place and in addition to that because of the “Golden-White-Pink Light sphere”, that we created several weeks ago. Once we start these meditations, they are connected and interlinked, so there are constantly operating in the sphere upon the planet.

These are part of the fringe areas of the earth-changes that are taking place that no one has seen in over 10,000 years, that we are now experiencing. It's good, it's a good change, it’s not a negative change and to calm and add peace and love and prosperity, and kindness and compassion… And we can just picture it and see it is saturating everywhere. So that we were reinforcing and adding the power and the strength of Prime –Source-Creator-God.

Calm is another word that comes to mind, calming those on planet Earth. I know some of you feel it every day, most of us feel it every day.

The different occurrences that are taking place, the rapidity and the rapidness, I should say.

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