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I tried saying ‘hey dude why are you in my bed’ but he still there and I hear they have sex now. See the pics and videos that I took to expose these idiots. Written by “One of the Guys” Summer holds a sacred place in the hearts of men. We feel empowered to turn possibility into reality. My wife said, “Just get one of those big blow up pools. They can play in that all summer.” I said, “But that would mean I have to supervise the whole time. I need stuff for them to do so I can get some of my own work done. We play as if life weren’t as complicated as it is. I need more balance.” She said, “Good luck with that.” “Thanks Honey.” So I instituted Daddy Day Camp. We act like children, exploring the endless adventure that summer is. The first day the kids and I had a meeting, where I handed out the daily agenda. When I realized that I would be home with my kids all day, I went into a panic. I spend my days and nights trying to figure out ways to enrich their lives.

Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . I’ll be home, unshowered, dealing with the endless cycle of kids. Think of me while you sip a cold drink of water, viewing a beautiful sunset, sitting on a vast mountaintop. It’s about shooting baskets without being instructed on the proper way to shoot a jump shot. It’s about sitting in front of the TV or playing video games.

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