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The album begins with the River Song: It follows this with a series of songs that reflect on ecology, love and the pitfalls of fame and celebrity.

But it is the title track, addressed to the ocean that he loved, that both shocks and inspires: "We live on the edge of a body of water, warmed by the blood of cold hearted slaughter."It gets your attention doesn't it? He was stunned by what he heard, simply saying, "He'll be remembered as a great singer."Forty years on Wilson's legacy is ripe for reappraisal. He was the one who sat down with his older brother Brian — who in 1962 had great tunes but nothing distinctive to write lyrics about — and said "write about surfing that's what everybody wants to do". He was the brother who turned the band on to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and meditation.

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The final straw came in 1976 when they ran up the white flag and released a greatest hits album, 15 Big Ones.Dismayed he got down to serious work on his own album. As good as the album is, it's tantalising to know that he was never able to complete one key track.Holy Man begun its life in 1968 when Wilson met the Maharishi Yogi.“He’s just too much trouble,” Gales allegedly told Chris Clark. Toxicological tests showed Wilson’s blood alcohol level to be 0.26 at the time of death — more than twice the legal limit for driving.A week after his death, Dennis Wilson’s ashes were sprinkled into the Pacific.

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