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In this condition the body is given back to the family who have a wooden case made, shaped like a human figure, into which it is put.

The Egyptian concept of the soul – which may have developed quite early – dictated that there needed to be a preserved body on the earth in order for the soul to have hope of an eternal life.

The earliest preserved body from a tomb is that of so-called `Ginger’, discovered in Gebelein, Egypt, and dated to 3400 BCE, which contained grave goods for the afterlife.

Burial rites changed over time between the Pre-Dynastic Period and the Ptolemaic Period (323-30 BCE, the last Egyptian era before it became a Roman province) but the constant focus was on eternal life and the certainty of personal existence beyond death.

The men too, for their part, follow the same procedure, wearing a girdle and beating themselves like the women.

The ceremony over, they take the body to be mummified.

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