Chelsea handler still dating ted

Still, the comedienne said she was very aware of her family's income — or lack thereof. But it was those rough times with her family that helped her appreciate everything she has earned all on her own.

"I just thought, 'I don't ever want to live like that.

I was their little entertainment wind-up doll," she told Like many comedians who've gone through traumatic experiences, that tragic incident paved the way for a lifetime of using laughter to help get through the trying times.

In fact, Handler even compiled a book about her biggest falsehoods, entitled, A family never knows how they'll respond to death until something unfortunate happens.She doesn't even know what was going on," Handler told that as she got older, she was able to attain everything she ever wanted, thanks to her career.But she never fully processed her brother's death, which eventually compelled her to seek therapy to handle the residual sadness.As the youngest of six children, Chelsea Handler honed in on her comedic skills at a very early age."[My siblings would] go to their high school parties and bring me because I had this attitude.

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