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But in terms of phishing and ransomware protection, this software is not perfect.

That is why we can’t recommend it to advanced users.

Reading the posts on the Comodo Forum indicates that this problem is not confined to me.

I will probably follow the advice and uninstall with Revo but I am undecided about reinstalling (which according to one post appears to overcome the problem) or switch to another firewall. I believe that I once read that the standard Windows (7 ??

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) firewall was up to the job though I had always assumed that a dedicated application such as Comodo had to be superior in some respects.

Sometimes you have to uninstall/reinstall the Antivirus software completely because they are pushing a new platform.

Up until the latest update glitch I found that Comodo Firewall in association with Avast AV seemed to tick all the boxes.

If uninstalling and reinstalling got rid of the bug I would probably continue as before, unless someone told me that there was a better product available.

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