Computer must be restarted before updating can continue

First, click on the Change settings link on the right hand side.You’ll see several different settings with a couple of checkboxes.Unfortunately, all of this only works on Windows 7 Pro, Ultimate and Enterprise and Windows 8 Pro.If you have the Starter, Home or non-Pro versions of Windows, you can’t get into Group Policy settings.That being said, I also feel that certain aspects can be tweaked for power users like myself.I routinely check for updates when I want and install them on my own.One of the most important and occasionally most annoying features of Windows is Windows Update.On the second Tuesday of each month Microsoft releases their software updates and patches for Windows, which are usually numerous, and most computers receive these updates automatically if Windows Update is turned on.

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We have to do both of these tasks in the Group Policy editor.Set it to Enabled and Windows will wait for the logged on user to restart the computer instead of automatically trying to restart.As you can see in the Help box, the user will still be reminded to restart the computer, but it won’t happen automatically.Now navigate down to the following security settings: You’ll now see a bunch of options on the right hand side related to Windows Update.There are basically two settings that we have to manipulate to get what we want.

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