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DEP has a system of pressure management zones that are crucial for properly operating the system.Pressure management can help reduce leaks by reducing the amount and severity of water main breaks.p_table=DIRECTIVES&p_id=1696 OSHA Technical Manual TED 01-00-015 [TED 1-0.15A]. Recording Policies and Procedures Manual, December 30, 2004, or current update.DEP has also evaluated its own wastewater treatment plants for water conservation opportunities and launched an annual water conservation challenge for treatment plant operators to implement best practices and monitor potable water use reductions, which has been completed at all 14 facilities.

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For information on how to make your home, hotel or restaurant more water efficient, visit Water Saving Tips.

This Instruction initiates and establishes a hearing conservation program to protect OSHA personnel covered by OSHA Instruction PER 04-00-003 "CSHO Medical Examinations" from the effects of occupational noise exposure. p_table=STANDARDS&p_id=9641 .1020, Access to employee exposure and medical records.

.10, Recording criteria for cases involving occupational hearing loss.

Beyond infrastructure upgrades and programs that promote near-term savings, DEP has revised its drought management rules, now known as the Water Shortage Rules, to properly manage its water supply in the event of water shortage during infrastructure repairs, or droughts.

View Historical Drought and Water Consumption Data.

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