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I need this concatenation for part of another formula and I would like to avoid "helper" rows, if possible. The goal is to have the output be Excel cannot directly concatenate arrays in the way you describe (i.e.

How do we generate these large matrices of 1's and 0's shown above automatically?

See screenshot: In above formula, B2 is the first cell in the range that you will create a dynamic list by. Then go to another column and type this formula into it, and then drag the autofill handle down until blank cells appears.

In the above formula, B2: B11 is the range of original data, and A2: A11 is the range that number the row in step 1. Then select a cell or range you want to create the dynamic list without blanks, and click Data Never need to worry about long long formulas in Excel anymore!

When the formula starts returning errors the second part of the formula begins.

INDEX($D:$D, ROWS(H2:$H)-ROWS($B:$B)) It also takes into account the number of values returned from the first cell range, for example in cell H8: INDEX($D:$D, ROWS(H7:$H)-ROWS($B:$B)) becomes INDEX($D:$D, 6-ROWS($B:$B)) becomes INDEX($D:$D, 6-5) becomes INDEX(, 1) and returns "MM" in cell H8.

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