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It is a day when compulsion is getting the better of me.I have plenty of work to do, and a clear list written, setting out my day, task by task.Carol writes: The way my words find their way to my friend some 12,000 miles away is amazing. The program converts the text to data packets, which it then sends down the telephone line to my ISP, which then sends it off to the next available part of the network, which in turn send it one, and so on.

Behind her is a spiral microchip, gold like Monroe’s dress, covered in pink, purple and green ribbons, which are being sucked into a black hole at the spiral’s centre.

Like many early chat programs, Worlds Chat is a virtual realm where embodied avatars walk around talking to one another.

Carol chooses an Alice in Wonderland avatar and calls herself Alicia.

But after breakfast, I spend too much time checking emails and Twitter in that first crucial hour, and so, throughout the rest of the morning I am distracted.

I feel compelled, in an almost physical way, to check my email and Twitter at the end of every task.

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