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(This is how I updated cc Mixter tonight.) The translation language support did go in 100%, if that's blocking someone let me know immediately because this week is going to be somewhat crazy with cc Mixter specific stuff.

Peace, VS Change Log going back to 11/19 (v.1.0.3) Cool, I committed your changelog commits...

VS Sorry for the delay...other things have kept me away.

I just turned on sample pool admin UI (although I didn't run the install to verify it parses, leave alone works) the only additional thing I would do remove cclib/magpie (the whole directory) -- it's not used or needed anywhere.

support so that we can customize Open Clip Art Library?

I actually screwed up my checkin mail (missing a 'not' 100% checked in) but it's all in now (sent Jon separate mail how to get the files on to your site).

VS Awesome Victor, we had some DDo S style problems from a user over the weekend so missed many of these changes until now. Jon -- Jon Phillips San Francisco, CA USA PH 510.499.0894 [email protected] (All optimizations are turned on at mixter, the remix listing and artist's profile pages should benefit the most) VS 2006-02-27 fourstones * cclib/1.15: bugfix: missing argument to getting pool remixes * ccextras/1.3: added form tip help for formatted text boxes * mixter-lib/1.2: bugfix: names were chopping at wrong times * mixter-lib/1.3: bugfix: jeez, typo in last checkin * mixter-lib/1.4: bugfix: rules overlapped tags div * cclib/1.31: code feature: needed a way for optimized rendering code to get at current template arguments 2006-02-26 [email protected]

Change Log going back to 11/19 (v.1.0.3) 2006-02-23 fourstones * 1.28: turned on sample pool admin api 2006-02-20 fourstones * cctemplates/1.28: moved beta box of the way of the cc drop down tab * mixter-lib/1.3: criminals contest update beta message 2006-02-19 fourstones * mixter-files/1.4: point rules link at updated pdf 2006-02-17 kidproto * cclib/1.23: Timing issues kept the previous patch from not loading reliably. * mixter-files/copyrightcriminals_1.5: Fixed path to mixlog * Change Log 1.31: added jonadab (nathan eady) to the authors file * cclib/1.22: Reverted login code for fix...

2006-02-15 kidproto * cctemplates/1.27: Updated with new contest alert msg.

Admin use ' Global Settings' menu to determine if they want all users or just admins (or nobody) to have formatting turned on.

For now, the fields actually eligible for formatting are hard-coded into PHP, someday, when I get around to it I'll make this an admin option.

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