Datagridview updating database who did derek hough dating from dancing with the stars

I want the user to be able to add, update and delete rows of information.

I've manually created 1 row of information in the SQL database just to avoid in 'catches' when the program is loaded.

In the following sample scenario we are going to demonstrate how the implementation can be achieved. NET Data Table that loads its data from a component is bound to Rad Grid View control.

This approach allows us to update the database when the end-user changes the current row in Rad Grid View.

For the fact that I didn't have mounds of data and different tables to use, I felt Data Table was sufficient for my use of this program.

Additionally, in my database, I have a primary key that's an integer, and 4 columns of text.

I'd prefer to avoid the stupid column of integers like line numbers and just make my first text column the primary key, but when I try to do this and update the database, it throws errors.

If there's a way to do this, I'd appreciate the explanation of how, or if there's a way to hide the first line number column the pulls the integer value for the primary key, and have it automatically increment and/or adjust this value according to editing, changes and new rows being added that'd be great.

By this I mean, I have a messagebox that confirms it's been updated, but when I close the App and the run it again, it loads the old data, and when I double check the database, it hasn't been updated.One very common use of the Data Grid View control is binding to a table in a database. Unbound mode is suitable for displaying relatively small amounts of data that you manage programmatically. Click Dim connection String As String = "Data Source=.; Initial Catalog=pubs; Integrated Security=True" Dim sql As String = "SELECT * FROM Authors" Dim connection As New Sql Connection(connection String) Dim dataadapter As New Sql Data Adapter(sql, connection) Dim ds As New Data Set() connection. Clear() End Sub Private Sub rad Grid View1_User Added Row(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Telerik. User Added Row Dim data Row View As Data Row View = Try Cast(e. Data Bound Item, Data Row View) Dim row As Data Row = data Row View.

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