Dating a guy with adhd

Anything from being a casual weekend bar-goer, to a full-blown biker outlaw is possible.Most people with ADHD have a natural tendency to rebel against authority figures and the norms of society.Dealing with ADHD relationships is one of the toughest tasks in the world.But, it’s definitely possible to save your relationship, and create a better life for yourself in the process.This usually happens because the human ego wants to take over, and immediately dismiss any problems that you might be facing in your life.You ultimately have to kill your ego, stop worrying about the temporary discomfort that you feel, and lay out the real problems that you face in your relationship.

If ADHD is a problem in your relationship, you have options.In fact, there is a subtype of ADHD called predominantly inattentive.This is what the “oldschool” attention deficit disorder (ADD) term used to be based off of.(Don’t worry, I list solutions to these challenges further down in the article.) Here are I don’t mean to be alarmist.But, many people with ADHD have a history of rebelliousness.

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