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I mean, is this new person really going to understand all your private jokes that your other Facebook friends already know comes with the territory of knowing you? So when should you make the jump from having something IRL to having something online? According to the survey, 42 percent of respondents either friended their date or followed them on some other social media platform immediately after the first date.

As in, probably just seconds after saying goodbye and parting ways.

Whats Your Price, which is pretty much a dating auction where members to bid and pay for first dates with other users, surveyed over 14,000 of their members to see if the length and success of their last relationship was somehow correlated to how soon they friended the person they were dating on Facebook.

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Users can add up to nine names to their secret crush list.Facebook's developers conference, F8, is currently underway, and one of the latest bits of info to drop is that the company intends to expand its dating feature, the logically-named “Facebook Dating”.If you've never heard of it, don't be too surprised.According to the findings, 34 percent of those who friended someone before a first date, managed to have a relationship that lasted one to six months in length.For 25 percent of those who decided to friend someone before their first date, their relationship lasted only a month.

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