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A man should consider himself lucky to even have a lady’s time.You’ll realize that there are plenty of wonderful men out there who will give you the attention you deserve.” – Anne“Don’t lose sight on your own dreams and hopes for the future just because you fall in love.If someone is having a busy time at work or school and they aren’t available, that’s fine, but they need to communicate that.If they’re never around and you’re the one begging them to spend time with you, don’t bother.I was so young and I just felt lucky that someone else could look at me and see me as something special.

That is your body using it’s own cues that you’re not in the right relationship.

To me….having that person in your corner when you have fears and doubts about yourself is invaluable.” – Melanie“1. It’s ok to fall in love over and over because you learn something new about yourself each time you go through what you think is a gut wrenching break up. Everyone should have at least 1 one night stand and not feel guilty about it. Don’t be afraid to let them go and try again.” – Nikki“Never date somebody that you wouldn’t marry because you never know who you might fall in love with.

Also, don’t stay with someone whose faults you can’t live with.

Always have and make time for girlfriends …I always did and am so grateful; I value my friendships so much. I also wish I had had the sense to know that being with someone to validate my thoughts about my appearance and self worth was stupid.

I guess the most important thing I wish was that I could have felt comfortable enough to talk to my mom. Always be available to go on road trips, vacations, dinner, coffee, parties or whatever you are asked to do, you won’t regret it. When you’re in your 20s and you are dating, walk away quickly when you realize that the guy you are dating is not right for you.

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