Dating and marriage in mongolia

They talk about it and exchange their email addresses.

The more we travel, the more I see how women unite Mongolian society and family.

The Mongolian digital landscape is developing at an accelerated pace.

One of the consequences of the recent boom in mobile technologies, and in particular smartphones, is that the extent of access to information is changing the nature of the nomadic society and, perhaps, traditional values and priorities. Although the Internet has yet to reach many areas of the Gobi Desert, it is likely that everything will change in the coming years.

Under the careful guidance of her father, she worked hard, excelling the other students, especially in the English class.

As a result, we found Gändegmaa, or Gundia, under Canadian leadership.

After extensive interviews on Skype, we realized that it would be difficult to find another candidate with such perfect English and we offered her this collaboration immediately.

(The Aimak are semi-nomadic tribes of perso-mongoloid origin speaking Persian.

They live in the high plateaus of northwestern Afghanistan, just north of the city of Herat, as well as in Iran, in Khorassan.

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