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You don’t have to be able to explain the science behind MS. Say things like, “I might need to keep our plans flexible, because sometimes I wear out easily” or “I’d be more comfortable going to a show than taking a long hike.” Be open when your partner has questions -- or health issues of their own. Ask your partner how MS makes them feel physically and emotionally. Being considerate is a good idea in any relationship. If you’re worried that your date won’t be able to handle your MS, look at it this way: They probably weren’t going to be the right person for you.

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But when you're just dating someone casually, not so much. If and when your fling ends, you don't want to randomly run into them at 9. Maybe after your fifth date, you realize that even though you swore up and down you'd keep it casual, this person might just be ~the one~.

Even if your symptoms are visible, you don’t have to be specific right away.

Say something like, “I’m working through some issues with my arm” until you’re ready to talk about it in detail.

Are you having problems that you’ve got questions about?

Do you have the support you need, whether from family and friends or a support group?

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