Dating austrailian woman

I think it's the numbers game of online dating that really tends to distort and warp things.Biases that I think are actually quite small in the real world become massively exacerbated when users are presented with a cavalcade of options, day after day.The toxicity definitely comes in part from the fact that yellow fever (as in Asian fetish) is a very real and common thing for dudes but not so much so for women.

The same applies for interracial marriages / interfaith and so on.In San Diego, a third of the city is Asian, whereas in Portland it's something like .05%.I grew up in the former, super diverse, and upon moving to the latter - even though it's an open, liberal city - I definitely noticed quietly different paradigms on race. People focus a lot on racism perpetrated by whites / caucasians.They're either selectively ignoring or are ignorant of the racism and homophobia (and misogyny) that also goes on in minority and migrant groups.I'm making generalisations that obviously don't apply to everyone, but it isn't fun being a gay man in Africa, Asia or the Middle East.

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