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So surround yourself with other chefs to learn from them.

She was on track to make tens of millions of dollars? Maybe when the kids are older.” And how do we know what’s even calling us, what obsesses us? Be grateful that you even realize there is an interesting decision to be made here. If the worst-case is really awful then get creative and start listing all the possible jumps.

We don’t always have to be jumping careers and slaving away in kitchens or networking or coming up with ideas.

True commitment phobia is fear of any kind of commitment that involves other people, not just relationship commitment.

If your beau has never been married and has had a series of short relationships despite not being all that young, then he or she probably is not likely to commit to a long term relationship in the future either.

It’s also a red flag if your romantic encounter has had long relationships but these relationships didn’t involve any serious commitment on his or her part.

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