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Harper Collins Publishers (Walden Pond Press), 2009. Readers must pay attention to the details of each page in order to follow this thriller. The rich language, along with the inspiring story of a not-so-super super hero and his friends, makes this story an excellent choice for young readers. Max sets out on a grueling and exciting journey to a country called Santa Domingo to find out the truth of what really happened to his family. The colorful text is complemented by the lively illustrations that depict the adventures of Super Duck and his friends. Isabel’s story of fighting for freedom and individual internal strength will force the reader to ponder and leave them with an unexplainable feeling in their gut. Finalist of the National Book Award and winner of the Scott O’Dell Award for historical fiction shows the reader how impressively written this book is! This heart-wrenching story written by Laurie Halse Anderson is one for all ages. Zoe’s hair is a blessing to everyone, but not to Zoe’s new first grade teacher, Ms. But soon, she finds out that the very thing she thinks is a hindrance is actually a huge help in her classroom. Trisk’s acceptance, just like Anderson challenges children’s imagination in this wonderful story about acceptance.

Reviews are sorted alphabetically by author’s last name. Max’s journey will teach readers how with determination a person can accomplish anything, as they experience feelings of adventure and terror as they await the outcome of Max’s journey. (KRR) A gift of days: The greatest words to live by. Donna Marks, Perinton Hots, Fusion Motorsports, SUN Real Estate Team, Stephanie Potter Barrett for Court of Appeals, Justin Grote Racing, Natalie Gold, Real Estate Broker, Bob Pockrass, Kimbrel Metal Works, Swipe RIGHT Dating, Jen Crowe - Grow With Crowe, Lori Schulz "Realtor", Spokane Limousine, Tri State Auto Exhibition, Moser Carpet Repairs, Marie Zy Clean, Ddavisautosales, Marble Distilling Co.& The Distillery Inn, A Shot of Honky Tonk, Executive Resorts Network, Adorea's Wicked Coatings, Depression Awareness, Lauren Sugihara Actress, Mind Body Wellness, Supreme Science Qigong, Motard De France, Jennifer Clemens Realtor, Love Infused Art, Tuck Foster & The Tumbling Dice, Dirty Motive, Amate Growth Work, Recall Rochelle, Casanova French Lessons, Sport&Health Mc Lean, Jenn Pearson, Keri-Anne M. Max runs out of the classroom and hides in the bushes. He enjoys listening to the birds nibbling on berries, mice munching on trash, and squirrels eating their nuts, and the other sounds of nature. The conversational tone and clever artwork of Yancy’s journal create a funny and touching account of this young man’s endeavor to stop being invisible and to step into his true identity. Max is a child who never listens in class and refuses to color a picture of a flower for Mother’s Day. This book is about a boy who loves spending time in his garden. After gaining confidence in himself as a result of his solo journey, Yancy goes back home feeling more determined than ever.

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