Dating donald mcgill postcards

His medium was the highly-coloured and risqué cartoon postcard, of the kind that was sold in 20th century British seaside resorts.A new museum opens on Saturday commemorating the work of Donald Mc Gill, widely regarded as the king of the seaside postcard.Mc Gill, known as the King of the Seaside Postcard, portrayed British soldiers in a bad light early on in his career, with cards showing them drunk, stealing and seducing women.This Mc Gill postcard features a wounded Tommy showing compassion to the Hun despite being at war But after war broke out he showed full support for the soldiers and thousands of his cards were sold in England and France, with many even translated into French.The main target on their hit list was the renowned postcard artist Donald Mc Gill.In the more liberal 1960’s the saucy postcard was revived and became to be considered, by some, as an art form.Our museum pays homage to Donald Mc Gill, who spent his life creating comic artworks for the then thriving postcard industry.

‘As soon as the war began he started drawing cards and he produced 1,500 different designs, which is phenomenal and shows just how much they were in demand.He produced a massive 12,000 different seaside postcards throughout his career but in 1954 he was charged with publishing obscene images and four of his cards were banned immediately and 17 more banned once existing stocks had been sold. His career spanned seven decades, with his cards charting the changing times.Two adorable small children show that they may be young but they are prepared for Kaiser Bill’s onslaught This jolly jack tar returns home to his sweetheart with tales of German seafaring cowardice In honour of HMS Achilles: HMS Achilles was a Warrior-class armoured cruiser built for the Royal Navy.He made more than 12,000 original artworks for the postcard industry from 1904-1962, but they often had a double, risqué, meaning.In 1953 five shops were raided by the police following a magistrates order of destruction.

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