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Do the administrators read all the girls’ letters on the site? She is evidently embarrassed by my question.“They can read letters, not permanently, of course, but selectively,” she replies evasively.

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Therefore, it’s desirable to attach the selfie to the letter, and preferably in lingerie.”“In lingerie? ” I am surprised.“No, if you’re in the panties and the bra covering 50% of the breast. And if just a belt instead of it is fastened on the breast – there a first warning will be,” she says in a serious tone“And how many warnings can be? ”I look at the administrator Julia confusedly.“Time difference,” she explains impatiently and rolling her eyes. you’ll hook more men – they come from work at this time”.The girls can earn both actively (by correspondence for their own accounts), and passively – if they do not know English a translator corresponds instead of them. The agency receives a fee from the site for each registered girl.But the girls’ earnings are not limited with money:“The men often like to send gifts.My English level did not interest anyone – all the girls on the site communicated with foreigners using Google Translate.I was promised to make a free photo shoot and let to go home. I will explain the scheme: men pay international dating sites for the opportunity of communicating with Ukrainian women.

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