Dating game economist

Game theory applied to a first kiss and some other interesting observations through economic principles in Dating for Economists.5.

The Secrets of Dating With an Economic Twist is a post by The Everyday Economist, explaining how we pick our partners.6.

Perhaps the saddest part of online dating’s tragedy of the commons is that matches, unlike fish, are not remotely interchangeable.

The men (let alone the women) would benefit from a collective agreement to each send fewer and higher-quality messages, but have no way to co-ordinate such an agreement.

Kopfler “Effects of Romantic Relationships on Academic Performance” …1.

Let’s start with How Economics Can Get You a Date – an exploratory video by Tim Harford2.

The amount of material on this topic found by searching Google and the number of jokes made clearly indicate that it is indeed a hot topic, even more so on a Valentine’s Day.

Some articles, like 21 Reasons Why You Should Never Date an Economist by INSEAD, give quite an explicit answer.

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