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There are numerous genealogical resources (many on Pennsylvania Dutch history) available to Library users, including church and cemetery records dating back to the 1730s. The new building addition was opened in 1988, providing the library with its own dedicated storage and research space.

Extensive computer database are keyword searchable, and available on the website to start conducting genealogical and historical research. Again faced with storage concerns, the Historical Society took possession of its first off-site property in 2000.

The chance to perform in a concert or to attend a summer program that gives a student the chance to explore a forest.

Berks County’s public high schools compete in four Pennsylvania Academic Competition matches each year from November through March.

Founded in 1869, the Historical Society of Berks County (HSBC) operates the Berks History Center as a museum and library located in Reading, Pennsylvania.

The Society's mission, as described on its website, is "to focus attention on the unique local history, the vast material culture, and the diverse cultural heritage of Berks County by preserving, archiving, and promoting this material to instill in our citizens of all ages and ethnic groups an awareness of this growing treasure trove of information.

* Appropriate footwear and attire should match the type of hike.** If you leave the hike early, notify the hike leader or ask someone to do that for you.** Bring water and food as the hike description and weather demand.* * Hiking involves risk. Each hiker is responsible for their own safety and well-being.

****Hiking and Trail Guidelines: ** Be courteous & stay behind the leader unless directed otherwise.** Offer $.10/mile to driver when carpooling.BCHC is a hiking club that is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The type of hike is dependent on the leaders that volunteer to fill our quarterly schedules. We list weekly hikes that range from short easy strolls to strenuous mountain hikes.In July 1869, a call was made for interested citizens to gather “for the purpose of collecting and perpetuating the historical reminisces of Berks County.” Following the first meeting in August, the Historical Society of Berks County was incorporated on December 13, 1869. Known as the Hendel House, it is located directly across from Centre Park at 746 Centre Avenue.In 2016, The Historical Society divested of the ornate Victorian structure, which is now in private hands.

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