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The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) is another Non-governmental organization committed to the defense of women's rights in Iraq.

It has been very active in Iraq for several years, with thousands of members, and it is the Iraqi women's rights organization with the largest international profile.

For youth aged 15–24 years, the literacy rate is 80% for young women, and 85% for young men.

Girls are less likely than boys to continue their education beyond the primary level, and their enrollment numbers drop sharply after that.

It was founded in June 2003 by Yanar Mohammed, Nasik Ahmad and Nadia Mahmood.

It defends full social equality between women and men and secularism, and fights against Islamic fundamentalism and the American occupation of Iraq. OWFI originated with the Organisation indépendante des femmes, active in Kurdistan from 1992 to 2003 despite government and religious oppression, and the Coalition de défense des droits des femmes irakiennes, founded in 1998 by Iraqi women in exile.

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Ingrams states that Turks “had inflexible rules concerning women", leading to a decline in the status of women.

In contrast, Beatrice Forbes Manz states that women were granted a relatively high and public position in Turkic and Mongol societies, and several women in the Turkic dynasties ruling Iraq, like the Timurid Empire, achieved political importance.

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