Dating in torquay

These include deeds, family and estates papers, such the those of the Raleigh, Reynell and Oxley-Parker families, manorial records, business records, records of local groups and organisations, hospital records, travel diaries, oral history collections, cemetery records, building plans and surveys, sales catalogues, shipping registers and railway records.

We also have the tithe records, school records, parish and non-conformist records, local council records, electoral registers, charity records, listed building reports and numerous collections of photographs and postcards of Torbay and South Devon.

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The penalty charge is reduced by 50% if you pay no later than the fourteenth day after receiving the PCN.You will need to purchase a photographic licence for the day before taking any photographs.New users will be asked to register with the South West Heritage Trust to gain a readers’ ticket.If you intend to pay a PCN you must make sure it is paid in full to avoid any further charges.If you are in any doubt as to how much you should pay you should contact us directly and an advisor will be able to help.

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