Dating kali yuga

Nemeta Course 8 derives from a body of work I undertook in 2012 in anticipation of the much-discussed “Maya endtime”, widely believed to have been due to occur on December 21st of that year.

As explained in the lessons, I calculated the much-hyped moment of presumed “galactic alignment” to be in 2216, rather a stretch down the road from the Mayan calendar.

Humanity will realize the noosphere of Teilhard de Chardin, for instance.

I have a gut feeling that this kind of high-toned chatter might be distracting us from the genuine possibilities of the moment.

But in the larger sense, Course 8 is not only about Kali Yuga.

Those who find this topic to be of interest can be prepared to stick with it for years, as it pays off well on considerable reviewing and reassessment.

Initial speculation about the possible Maya dating of the “endtime” peaked briefly in August 1987 with the “Harmonic Convergence.” In the debate at that time, Jose Arguelles played a central role with his declaration that the end of the Maya Long Count indicated a moment when a beam from the galactic center would sweep across the earth and produce magical effects.

If I recall correctly, the period of the beam matched the precessional cycle of 25,920 years.

§ It would be foolish to dismiss the possibility that the huge buzz around 2012 was the reflection of a collective psychic event of some kind.

The question is, Did the discussions, speculations, and predictions about 2012 point to that event, or do they merely draw attention to themselves?

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