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He can undress a guy in a split second with his eyes.

Obsessed with the "Alpha" male status, male bonding (like "bros before hos") and male dominance over weaker guys (weaker = the real fags he's not part of). Like: One day he hates Kylie Minogue and the next he knows all the lyrics of her songs.

What the heck does your wikipedia entry, R82, have to do with anything?

When he went out with women he said he looked at a guy, but he told himself he had no desire for them anymore, and he was not going to do that.

His movies flop and he is only really known by the tabloid stories his people pay US Weekly to do cover stories on. Getting a divorce and either not remarrying or not finding another primary (het) relationship within a couple of years.

Bf's brother is obviously in the closet but prefers to hide behind his disguise of a divorced dad and claims he doesn't want to hurt the kids by risking another bad relationship, or "set a bad example" by living with another woman outside of marriage. And when I see you down at the local gay watering hole, I'll pretend I don't know you.

I have a friend...*Divorced his first wife after a couple of years*Remarried an evangelical*Was intending to build a home where the wife would live with him and "my close friend," i.e, a former Marine Uh huh.[quote]this part doesn't seem to fit in - very athletic all his life - played football and baseball in college and high school, has been a coach of baseball his whole adult life What a jerky homophobe R29 sounds like.

Hate when straight women think they belong here yet write shit like this.

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