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Traveling along 2,000 miles of coastline we experience spectacular landscapes, try fresh and tasty local food, explore UN ESCO-listed towns and l earn about the ancient and modern history on this epic journey across Vietnam.The geographic heart of the nation, central Vietnam is packed with historic sights and cultural interest, and blessed with ravishing beaches and outstanding national parks.While Vietnam as a whole is known for its delicious cuisine, Hoi An specifically has some of the best.With local dishes (Cao Lau and Mi Quang) that are strictly made within the region, you will fall in love with Hoi An’s food as quickly as you did with the old town.Marvel at Hue and its Imperial Citadel, royal tombs and excellent street food.Savour the unique heritage grace of riverside jewel Hoi An, and check out Danang, fast emerging as one of the nation’s most dynamic cities.People People The name Hoi An means peaceful meeting place and it still feels that way all these many hundreds of years after the Cham people, of the former Kingdom of Champa, first began trading there in the seventh century.Today's 120,000 or so residents are generally more laid back and go to bed earlier than those of Vietnam's much larger centers as Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City.  The Food The Food You take a cooking class in Hoi An because you have tried the food.

From deep-fried tarantulas and snakes on skewers, to lime and chilli crickets, there really is everything and anything on the menu to choose from.Source: Internet For many travelers, Asia aficionados and Indochina enthusiasts, there is one destination that is constantly popping up on “The Best” lists, Hoi An. Southeast Asia’s favorite port town, this ancient hub wins a place in every visitor’s heart from its stunning coastline to its mango-colored alleyways.Why visit Hoi An over the other UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world?The ruins sit in an archaeological park that extends for 400 square kilometres, a scale beyond what many visitors anticipate.Those with ample time should make the most of a three-day or week-long pass to explore its maze of ancient stone structures and water features coated with blossom-pink lotus flowers – not forgetting to investigate the history of the underground city that lies beneath Angkor Wat.

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