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It also appears that there are no fundamental discrepancies between the three approaches so that it is possible to use them complementary and thereby get a very broadly covering basis for dealing with learning and education in practice.

She also played an instrumental role in the incorporation of Sammamish as a city. You couldn’t have had a more difficult group of people to work with, but she found commonality between them and made it work…This award is given annually to one individual whose career commitment in areas such as legal ethics, disciplinary enforcement and lawyer professionalism demonstrates the best accomplishment of lawyers. He also served for many years as the in-house ethics counsel for a multistate law firm. Peter and Sally Jarvis, both 82, were known not only as active and engaged residents of Sammamish, but also as a Superior Court judge and an education advocate respectively.Rogers said Peter was an incredibly thorough and fair judge.In a case where much of the record had been destroyed, Peter’s notes assisted in recreating the record.

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