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So if water can pass through wood why not hot water laden with silica and other minerals. Do you know that low grade coal material can be formed in weeks as well? They stated in the article that"the fact that water plays a role could wreak havoc on established ideas about oil formation.

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Meanwhile another breakthrough in the formation of petrified wood. Improvements in procedural blanks at NOSAMS: Reflections of improvements in sample preparation and accelerator operation, Radiocarbon 37, (1995) p.   If enough silt piles up it creates a high pressure , high temperature environment.   In the pores of the rock chemical processes continue until oil oozes forth.

However it does not add support to the dogma that it takes millions of years to form a fossil. References are in our paper entitled: RECENT C-14 DATING OF FOSSILS INCLUDING DINOSAUR BONE COLLAGEN.

In fact it adds credence to the belief that in nature it can happen quite quickly. Accompanying the Battelle article is an electron microscope photo with an electron microscopic image showing a cross section of wood that was artifically petrified in days.

A hot spring lake 30 meters wide occupies one of several craters of the Tateyama Volcano which is currently quiet except for spouting of hot water.   Organic material decays into a potpourri of moleules that depending on the conditions break up and recombine in different ways.

This hot water is highly acidic and has high silica content. Hydrogen sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen can leave and then rejoin other chains of molecules.

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