Dating pre sell pages

People are using mobile devices for social media, chats, playing games, etc.

And even if audience can be exposed for certain ads at that time, there is a possibility that they will not be so much interested into buying anything or filling the ordering form over small screen, just because they are not “in a mood for it” while doing casual things and chilling.

For the affiliates who are interested in focusing on , mobile is definitely worth of trying.

Our company DOES NOT offer rare book appraisal services.

For some of the products Zetaniche is offering for promotion, especially in male enhancement, health and beauty (anti age) niche, older people are known to be better audience.

Also, some people just don’t feel comfortable or find it easy to enter their personal data over mobile, but rather use desktop devices for ordering something.

compared to desktop and this trends is not showing any signs of slowing down especially in less developed countries.

Charts above are showing that among countries we are working with, the biggest internet usage over mobile devices is in Poland (65.18%), Albania (54.68%) and Montenegro (50.04%).

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